"The shadows come from hell’s hall"

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Tom Hiddleston + soaking wet

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16 Perfect Pickup Lines For Any Book Lover

Talk nerdy to me.


Just one more day for a new episode…



Loki sketch, inspired by new trailer - I didn’t draw him for a really-really-really long time <3

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occupation: inappropriate friend who makes sexual jokes despite being a fucking virgin

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The lovely princessazula asked for 7 or 15 and Sifki in the kiss art challenge, I picked 15 and it endend being quite nsfw, so under the cut!image

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You should see the other guy by purpleniya

Lady Sif, “I confess I am no poetic in my requirements”
(Every time I finish colouring a drawing my eyes hurt for days after)

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aww, ok, I failed this one, sorry!XD this is more like a kiss on the collarbone or a kiss I-was-almost-at-your-neck-but-your-stupid-face-was-in-the-way! Hope it’s good all the same… (if I’ll have time I’ll try to re-do this, but for now… )

the kiss art challenge is here! I’m still taking requests if you want!:3


He had her tricks.

Some friday night fanart for you.

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